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Official release: Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek
December 27, 2022

Jamie Veal leads the Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek point score as the four nights in seven days battle heads into Night Two at Borderline Speedway Mount Gambier this Wednesday night.

Following a dramatic 35-lap A-Main series opener at Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway tonight in front of an enormous crowd despite the furnace like weather conditions Victorian Veal leads from Tasmanian Jock Goodyer, South Aussie Luke Dillon, Texan Chase Randall and South Aussie Ryan Jones rounding out the top five in points.

The Murray Bridge main event looked to be an all the way affair for Veal who dominated most of the race until Goodyer reeled him in with only a handful of laps remaining and pounced as the duo came up on lapped car Brendan Guerin in turn three and four with only two laps remaining.

Goodyer and Veal made contact with Veal spinning out in turn four but keeping the car running and re-joining the race pace without dropping a further spot behind him to third placed Dillon.

Officials shortly after relegated Goodyer one spot for the contact and reinstated Veal into the winner’s circle drawing a loud and mixed response from the big crowd.

South Australian Luke Dillon came home strongly in third ahead of impressive Texan teenager Chase Randall in fourth, local hero Ryan Jones in fifth, Lockie McHugh in sixth from the B-Main win, Steven Line seventh (from the final transfer in the B-Main), Cody Maroske eighth, Keke Falland ninth and Joel Heinrich rounding out the top ten.

Original polesitter Chad Ely was eleventh, Ricky Maiolo twelfth, Brendan Guerin thirteenth and Max Vidau was classified as the last car running in fourteenth.

DNF’s were Ben Morris, Steven Caruso, Tate Frost, Brendan Quinn, Daniel Pestka and Brock Hallett.

1. Jamie Veal
2. Jock Goodyer
3. Luke Dillon
4. Chase Randall
5. Ryan Jones
6. Lockie McHugh (from the B-Main)
7. Steven Lines (from the B-Main)
8. Cody Maroske
9. Keke Falland
10. Joel Heinrich
11. Chad Ely
12. Ricky Maiolo
13. Brendan Guerin
14. Max Vidau
15. Ben Morris (DNF)
16. Steven Caruso (DNF)
17. Tate Frost (DNF) – From the B-Main
18. Brendan Quinn (DNF) – From the B-Main
19. Daniel Peskta (DNF)
20. Brock Hallett (DNF)

Heat wins went to Jock Goodyer, Jamie Veal, Chase Randall and Steven Caruso.

South Aussie Chad Ely won the Gold Shootout after coming from the bronze shootout with Texan debutant Chase Randall – Ely starting the S98 Lewiston Haulage entry on the pole for the 35-lap feature but fading to eleventh by race’s end despite a speedy evening overall even with front wing damage in his heat race.

Jock Goodyer was quickest overall in qualifying with an 11.775 lap.

1. Lockie McHugh
2. Brendan Quinn
3. Tate Frost
4. Steven Lines
5. Lisa Walker
6. Scott Enderl
7. Glen Sutherland
8. Dennis Jones
9. Brent Fox
10. Ashton Mineeff
11. Robert Heard
12. Braydan Willmington

Not Classified:
Daniel Puddy and Lachlan McDonough.

Jamie Veal 250
Jock Goodyer 220
Luke Dillon 200
Chase Randall 190
Ryan Jones 180
Lockie McHugh 170
Steven Lines 160
Cody Maroske 150
Keke Falland 145
Joel Heinrich 140
Chad Ely 135
Ricky Maiolo 130
Brendan Guerin 125
Max Vidau 120
Ben Morris 115
Steven Caruso 110
Tate Frost 105
Brendan Quinn 100
Daniel Pestka 98
Brock Hallett 96
Lisa Walker 94
Scott Enderl 92
Glen Sutherland 90
Dennis Jones 88
Brent Fox 86
Ashton Mineeff 84
Robert Heard 82
Braydan Willmington 80
Daniel Puddy 78
Lachlan McDonough 76
David Murcott 74
Todd Moule 72

The next round of the 2022/2023 Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek is scheduled for this Wednesday night, December 28 at Borderline Speedway Mount Gambier.

Photos: KNJ Photography

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