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Sprintcars are back for their final hit-out before the Post-Christmas Spedweek period in the ‘Dare to Double.’ The format will see a double prize-money bonus on offer for the top-point scorer for night - if they start from Position 20 in the A-Main - and for wherever they end up finishing.

Will we see anyone dare to double?

While it is hard to go past Matt Egel at the moment, Luke Dillon, Daniel Pestka and Glen Sutherland have all proved very competitive thus far in 2021. Lisa Walker will make her first appearance at MMSS for the season, and Brock Hallett and David Donegan will make the interstate journey for the event.

Formula 500s will also be running in one of their event highlights of the season in the ‘King of the Bridge’, while V6 Sprints will also be back for their Des James Memorial. Street Stocks, Modlites and Junior Sedans complete the night’s action.

Gates open 4pm, action from 5pm

Tickets on sale via:

(As at 30/11/21)

S4 Lisa Walker
S12 Chris James
S13 Brock Hallett
S16 Joel Heinrich
S19 Brad Keller
S20 Glen Sutherland
S24 Ricky Maiolo
S27 Daniel Pestka
S33 Mark Caruso
S52 Matt Egel
S55 Luke Bowey
S63 Ryan Jones
S81 Luke Dillon
VA75 David Donegan
S93 Mike Fox
S96 Brendan Guerin

S10 Scott Dungey
S11 Nathan OShea
S12 Steven Ellement
S43 Ben Cooper
S44 Josh Munn
S48 Christopher Brooks
S51 Simon Reichelt
S72 Corey Jones
S73 Brendan Zadow

S2 Anthony Buchanan
S3 Keith Moore/Brenton Schubert
S7 Craig Buchanan
S11 Ryan Buchanan
S12 Darren Flatman
S14 Nigel Reichstein
S15 Daniel Blakemore
S17 Carey Weston
S19 Phil Watson
M26 Jayden Riordan
S49 Aaron Tyler
S52 Heath Thorne
S55 Matt Maynard/Tarsha Maynard
M57 Paul Exner
S58 Neville Nitschke
M58 Brian Exner
S63 Bailey Heinrich
M79 Wade Fell
S112 Drew Flatman
S152 Michael Brown

S0 Brook Alexander
S3 Michael Miller
S9 Patrick Hewitt
S21 Dylan Richter
S22 Shane Price
S28 Mick Hayden
S29 Jacob Carlier
S32 Scott Webb
S40 Brett Stephens
S41 Brian Chadwick
S61 Tristan Douglass
S73 Justin Chadwick
S84 Anthony Grillet

S5 Damian Eve
S7 John Pfeiler Jnr
S8 Nick Hall
S9 Renee Pfeiler
S16 John McKenzie
S17 Kym Simon
S35 Chris Quinton
M36 Brenton Philips
S56 Toby McCarthy
S81 Archie Fabian
S84 Jordan Grillet

S2 Ky McEwin
S4 Beau Allman
S5 Riley Greig
S7 Neela Fear-Wright
S8 Ryan Gilding
S9 Lachlan Brown
S12 Max Richter
S14 Brock Cadd
S16 Corey Richter
S45 Aaron Tranter
S53 Lincoln King
S56 Ollie Bartlett
S91 Henry Brumfield

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