Murray Bridge Speedway - Ultimate Sprintcar Championship


Murray Bridge Speedways news.


Speedway action returns to Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway this Saturday night, October 16th with an all sections race night.

The event will see over 90+ cars hitting the track in what will be our third meeting for the season.

South Australian Wingless Sprint racing continues to grow from strength to strength with a stellar field of 33 cars nominated, while Formula 500s line up for Round 2 of their State Series.

V6 Sprints will also be in action for their first run of the 2021-2022 Season, along with demonstrations by Classic Speedcars.

Street Stocks, Super Sedans, Junior Sedans and Modified Sedans complete the massive program.

Gates open at 4pm for a 5pm start, with canteen and bar facilities available on the night.

Tickets are one sale now via:

It’s Your Speedway, SA!

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NOMINATIONS - OCTOBER 16 (as at 12/10/21)

S6 Norm Moore
S8 Darryl Sloan
S10 William Caruso
S11 Tyson Martin
S12 Chris James
S14 Matthew Tyler
S18 Jenna Kervers
S19 Michael Spoljaric
S20 Harley Alexander
S21 Matthew Kennedy
S22 Jamie Crafter
S23 Jack McCarthy
S24 Ross Miller
S25 Ben Cartwright
S26 Rylan Furler
S27 Cory Hodgson
S35 Mitchell Broome
S36 Ryan Alexander
S38 James Rodda
S39 Normie Moore
S41 Bronson Mauro
S47 Anthony Tapley
S48 Rhys Heinrich
S49 Trevor Knuckey
S53 Nicole Southby
S55 Sharni Pitcher
S57 Kirra-Lee Pitcher
S58 Nate Trewin
S71 Brett Ireland
S84 Jesse Alexander
S86 Kirby Hillyer
S91 Brent Fox
S96 Tamika Pitcher

S0 Moss Buchanan
S2 Anthony Buchanan
S3 Keith Moore
S7 Craig Buchanan
S11 Ryan Buchanan
S13 Ben Weedon
S14 Nigel Reichstein
S15 Daniel Blakemore
S17 Carey Weston
S19 Phil Watson
S28 Jarryd Farrell
S38/62 Trae Ballantyne
S88 Corey Crafter
S101 Ayden Powell
S112 Drew Flatman
S152 Michael Brown

S2 Ky McEwin
S4 Beau Allman
S5 Riley Grieg
S8 Ryan Gilding
S9 Lachlan Brown
S12 Max Richter*
S14 Brock Cadd
S16 Corey Richter*
S53 Lincoln King
S91 Henry Brumfield

S8 Michael Wise
S11 Nathan OShea
S21 Richard Scmidt
S27 Angelo Karoussis
S43 Ben Cooper
S51 Simon Reichelt
S54 Ryan Harry
S72 Corey Jones
S73 Brendan Zadow

S22 Paul Blenkiron
S58 Neville Nitschke
S66 Sarah Pope
S93 Kym Jury
S99 Mitchell Rigney

S5 Damien Eve
S8 Nick Hall
S9 Renee Pfeiler
S16 John McKenzie
S17 Kym Simon
S35 Chris Quinton
S56 Toby McCarthy
S67 Daniel Thwaites
S81 Archie Fabian
S84 Jordan Grillet
S88 Glen Bousfield
S98 Kylie Duggan

S4 Ben Tuttle
S18 Brandon Elphick
S31 Tony Hardy
S69 Bronte Perkins
S88 Paul Hayes
S94 Rob Uren

S44 Ian Sweetman
V7 Chris Sweetman
S26 Jeff Pulford
USA83 Robbie Collins
NSW57 Peter Steck

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