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Murray Bridge Speedway is just nine cars away from a Guinness Book of World Records moment.

This Saturday night (April 13) the Speedway has the chance to break the record for the largest ever Demolition Derby field.

The current record has stood for seventeen years.

Direct from the Guinness Book of World Records this is the current situation.

“The largest ever demolition derby had 123 participants and took place at Todd & Pollock Speedway, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, on 16 March 2002. It took 47 minutes before the winner, the last mobile car, emerged. Although there have been larger demolition derby events, involving several races, this is the largest single race that we know of.”

Currently there are 114 cars entered for this Saturday night’s Murray Bridge Speedway smash-fest and organizers are confident the record can be taken off the Kiwis.

“We’re really close,” says MMSS representative Darren Shaddock, “I think we can actually do it. All we need is nine more cars to equal the record or ten to break it. It would be so cool to get the record and an extra bonus if we can take something off New Zealand.”

Leading the charge is a band of Whyalla wild men with a huge reputation for Demolition Derby glory.

In the past team leader Derek Knowles has presented a ferocious vehicle fashioned in the style of legendary American Monster Truck “Maximum Destruction.”

In the spirit of the “Dukes of hazard” driving style required to win these Demolition Derbies Knowles and his team of four mates are building a small army of “General Lee” and Police Cars for their assault.

“We have three General Lee cars and two police cars,” Knowles explains, “we’d love to see the World Record set and be a part of it, but we want to win it as much as anything.”

Should ten new entries surface in the days leading up to this Saturday night a brand new record for the biggest Demolition Derby ever held will be owned by the rural city of Murray Bridge and it’s iconic Speedway.

Amongst the field will be five ‘Dukes of Hazard” from Whyalla hell-bent on creating a little history of their own!…/largest-demolition-de…

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