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Matt Egel, Kaidon Brown and Clayton Pyne were jubilant winners of the Sprintcar, Speedcar and Late Model main events in the final round of the Hi-Tec Oils Ultimate Speedway Challenge tonight at Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway.

For Robbie Farr, the lure of a possible $100,000 bounty for winning main events in all three categories – the Sprintcars, Late Models and Speedcars – was mouthwatering.

He did his best to pull off the previously unthinkable with two second places and a fourth after driving a total of 150-laps across the three categories.

He narrowly missed out on three podium finishes with a fourth place result in the Late Model A-Main.

Regardless of the results Farr's performance is believed to be the only one for a driver in Australia to drive those three classes on one night.

“I’m not looking to do that again but it’s a bucket list item ticked for sure,” Farr smiled in the pits later, “I can’t thank everyone enough for the opportunity and all the crew and car owners that made it possible with Barry and Felicity and Domain (Ramsay). It was a pretty neat deal and I’m glad we have three straight race-cars at the end of it. I hope that people enjoyed the idea of it anyway.”

For Matt Egel it was redemption for the big wreck that saw him flip out of the 60 for 60 for 60 A-Main the weekend before in the #97 Downing Brothers entry.

“It’s s good to get a win for the Darryl and Mike, they worked their butts off to get this car back after the damage of last weekend. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to drive their car and proud to get this win.”

Keller was fast and started on the front row with Egel with Marcus Dumesny and Robbie Farr starting on the second row.

Ryan Jones had to come from the B-Main after diff problems even before hot laps saw him miss qualifying and hot laps.

In the A-Main he smacked the main straight wall very hard and bent his rear axle but still remarkably stormed home to a top five result.

Official results for the A-Main were:

1. Matt Egel
2. Robbie Farr
3. Brad Keller
4. Marcus Dumesny
5. Ryan Jones
6. Daniel Pestka
7. Luke Dillon
8. Hayden Pitt
9. Keke Falland
10. Lisa Walker
11. Mark Caruso
12. Shannon Barry
13. Steven Caruso
14. Stephen Taylor
15. Brett Sullivan
16. Ben Atkinson Jr
17. Tregan Gates
18. Adrian Cottrell
19. Nick Rachwall
20. Bryaden Cooley (DNF)

Kaidon Brown broke through for another satisfying career victory at MMSS with the round win in the Speedcar main event for the Ultimate Speedway Challenge to lead home Robbie Farr in second place and Victorian Travis Mills in third.

Robbie Farr led early with a stout battle breaking out behind him between Travis Mills and Kaidon Brown for second place.

Brown managed to escape Mills’ clutches and steal out after the leader before effecting a later race pass on Farr and driving away for his second career win at MMSS and back to back results in the Ultimate Speedway Challenge.

“I felt good in the car and after I was able to get a break on Travis and go after Robbie I knew I had to just settle down and hit my marks. The was on point and we could get the win, I love racing here and of course winning makes it even better,” grinned the 18-year old after the race.

The official placings for the Speedcar A-Main were:

1. Kaidon Brown
2. Robbie Farr
3. Travis Mills
4. Adam Clarke
5. Matt Jackson
6. Robert Heard
7. Joel Chadwick
8. Brett Ireland
9. Norm Moore
10. Adam Wallis DNF
11. Dillon Ghent

Clayton Pyne and Callum Harper put on a battle royal out in front for much of the race with Sydney veteran Darryl Grimson and South Aussie young gun Ryan Alexander also buying into the argument.

Pyne was able to blast the top and move away before Harper pulled back to within half a car length by the fall of the chequers.

“To be honest, that was one of the best races and the best wins of my career,” grinned Pyne, “the track was fantastic and to battle with Callum (Harper) like that was so good. This is honestly such a great result for our team and so satisfying personally.”

Official placings for the A-Main were:

1. Clayton Pyne
2. Callum Harper
3. Ryan Alexander
4. Robbie Farr
5. Darryl Grimson
6. Lachlan Onley
7. Mark McCarthy
8. David Doherty
9. Tim Bink
10. Nathan Disney
11. Fiona Verhoeven
12. Roger Oliver
13. Andy Maxwell Jr
14. Jason Robinson

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